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How Your Thoughts Can Transform Your Mind.
July 17, 2019
July 31, 2019


In my last post (, ) I discussed about how your thoughts can transform your life. If you missed it, please go back and read it, you really don’t want to miss it.

Today I will be talking about 8 things to do to effectively help transform your mind. It has helped me thus far and I am 100% sure it will help you;
 So sit back, RELAX AND ENJOY !!!

  1. Know who you really are.

This is the first thing I believe you should know before any other thing. If you do not know who you really are, you wouldn’t know your capability. A Lion is known for greatness, even when a cub (baby lion) is born, it knows it is great and so will do things that align with its nature. A lion is never afraid of doing what he wants, even when it fails at something ( like catching its prey) , it wouldn’t change its mind; it remains courageous and will definitely keep trying.

You must change your mindset from saying you are a failure. God created you and he has never been a failure and he will never be one and because of that, it is practically impossible for him to create a failure. You were not created as a failure and so YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

So, if that is the case, what will you call someone who fails?
The above question leads to my second point.

2. An Event is different from your nature.

I know you probably don’t understand what this means but don’t worry about that. I will explain exactly what I mean.

Your nature as a person is success, that is certain and no one can change that except you ignorantly decide to do so yourself. Now, you say I am a success, but I fail an exam, I fail an interview, what is that called?

That is simply failure as an event. The exam or job interview is the event and at that point, you failed that event but it never changes your true nature of being a success or less you allow it to, by being ignorant.
 Black Panther was meant to be the king after his father but that didn’t happen immediately, his cousin wanted to take over at a point and when there was an initial fight, black panther was beaten and at that point, he failed at that event but that didn’t stop him, he didn’t give up.
 Later, he defeated his cousin and he became the king.

The fact that you failed at that goal you set to do doesn’t make you a failure but if you do not realize who you really are, you will keep failing at events and that will make you think you are a failure .

3. Always reflect on who you truly are. 

This is also very important because in life, they are times you will fail at events but you have to be very careful NOT TO let an event (a time you fail at anything be it school work, job, etc.) determine who you really are (A SUCCESS).

4. Learn lessons from past mistakes/failures.

I have failed at certain events a couple of times and I felt bad but thank God I was able to realize who I really am and what did I do when I failed at such events ?
I learned from the mistakes I made and moved on.

5. Think and speak positively.

I make use of self-affirmations i.e. “I am” statements. I also speak positive words into my life and any situation. Due to the knowledge I have and God who has always been my help, I see physical results, I succeed in things I plan to do. When you begin to think and speak positively, it’s only a matter of time before the physical result starts showing.

6. Take necessary actions to achieve that goal.

It’s sounds funny to me when some people say they prayed and yet nothing happened.
The first question I ask is aside praying, did you take necessary actions that were needed to achieve that goal or succeed in what you set to do ; and they are like “not really”…LOL

I am a Christian, I strongly believe that you need to involve God in every aspect of your life and prayer is essential but you have to be careful not to be an extreme as a Christian.

Yes, I know the bible says ask and it shall be given unto you but the bible also says “Seeth thou a man diligent in his works, he shall stand before kings and not mere men”. They are several other verses in the bible talking about being hardworking.
The bible can never contradict itself,so please don’t get me wrong.
God will surely give you what you ask for but you have to understand that you have to do your part and then whatever you ask for, be it wisdom, he will give you.
God didn’t say that you should be lazy as a Christian. Do what you have to do, take the necessary actions needed and he will take control of every other thing. When you do your part, God will help you. He will help you through it all, he will give you ideas, favor you and do so much more than you expect..

7. Pray about it.

Like I said earlier on, I believe so much in prayer. When I am worried sometimes and I don’t know who to talk to, I just pray about it and I feel a whole lot better.
The GOD FACTOR is a necessity in everything you do in life. If you don’t know, there are a lot of things happening in this world. You never really know what is happening. Everything that happens in life has a spiritual side to it.
Prayer makes you to be favored.
Prayer opens doors for you and so much more.

Please, when you pray, pray with your heart not just your mouth ?
What do I mean?
Don’t just let your mouth move, Don’t pray like you are being forced, let it be from your heart and believe as you pray..

8. These things should be done repeatedly.

Repeat all these  over and over and over again and watch as your positive thinking transforms your life entirely.

NOTE :  When you follow these steps, changes wouldn’t happen in few seconds but gradually, you will see changes ; trust me and you will be extremely happy with yourself.

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