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June 4, 2018
June 7, 2018

Are you living the life you want?


This is a question you really need to ask yourself because it affects certain decisions you make in life. I know the journey through life is not so easy but are you working towards living the life you want?
Are you making others dictate your life for you or is it what you really want?
What decisions are you making?
Will it make or mar your life?
Only you can answer all these questions.

Now this question is very important and I know it has happened to a lot of people and it goes thus: Are circumstances or situations making you give up on the life you want to live?
I’m sure most people will say yes because really life isn’t easy. Different trails, different things happen to us which make us question who we really are and who we are meant to be! Sometimes, I don’t really blame people when they give up because there are certain times you keep trying and although people might say don’t give up but sometimes it’s just so hard not to, it’s easier said than done. It takes a lot of courage and God’s help to keep on moving.

I want you to note that “Not all your expectations can be met”. Some of them will be met while others will be met but not at the time you want it and some will never be met… Why? Either because you weren’t diligent or because God is trying to prevent you from getting into something that will affect you now or in future or God has better plans for you. Sometimes God has better plans for you than you least expect. Other times it might be just something that’s not right in your life so you have to check yourself too.It’s until you understand this that life will be much easier… Nigerians will say “your village people are following you “.. LOL, Well it might be true to an extent tho in the sense that some people(not necessarily your village people) just wish to do evil to you even when you do good.

NOTE: That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make plans for your future, set a goal or tell God what you want. Be diligent in your work and God will help you succeed.

It’s really sad that the greatest tragedy of man is not that he gives up BUT that he gives up when he’s about to WIN. A lot of people keep on trying and just that one more step that is needed for them to advance to the next level, they just give up! They wouldn’t have known at that stage tho until much later(Really really sad) . So please don’t give up! When there’s life, there’s hope. I know it’s not going to be so easy but I know with God’s help, it will be easier and you will overcome that circumstance.
Don’t let people dictate for you, be who you want to be. Be what God has called you to be.

This is my last point but it’s a sensitive one: Do you know that some people succeed BUT they aren’t living according to God’s purpose and that is a very dangerous thing because that life is being wasted because the purpose of life is to fulfill your purpose on Earth and not everyone does that. So when choosing the life you want, you have to be careful and pray to God to help you live a life with purpose.

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  1. Eniola says:

    Moinspired to the world🌟
    Everything you write sure has a way of making so much sense thank you ✨

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