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New Year, Same Me But Transforming Into A Better Person
January 1, 2019
January 8, 2019


Last year, I went to a fashion designing school in which I learnt how to sew and due to laziness and the fact that I am in a private school,I was not able to keep on practicing because sewing machines are not allowed in my school.
Back then,anytime my sister always told me to sew for her but I kept giving excuses because sewing is stressful especially when you are to draft patterns( that was how I was taught) and aside that I was lazy to go through that stress.

Recently, on the 31st December,2018. My sister and I were to go to the market and she needed to sew her shorts back pocket and trust me as usual,I took it but I tried giving excuses why I would not be able to sew it. Seeing the fact that she needed it urgently I decided to try my best.
I have a sewing machine at home so  I decided to use the sewing machine to sew the back pocket round but the sewing machine was not sewing it well(I think there was a problem with the threading and sincerely yours when you keep sewing thinking you are actually sewing but you later realize nothing was sewing (Argghh, that is like the most frustrating thing ever).
So, that happened severally and I then became frustrated. My sister needed it urgently and apparently,I forgot my hand needle in school and I had to ask my mum for hers. I got it and I started sewing and oh well, like I said.
I always saw sewing as a difficult task but it is not so difficult. It seemed so because I was always lazy to do so and normally when sewing most times, I give up but this time was different,I challenged myself to finish sewing the pocket. I continued but at a point again,I became more frustrated, I wanted to give up but I told myself No, Motun,For how long will you keep doing this.
You want to get better?
And every time something gets difficult, you give up.
And that immediately made me think about life.
And explains what happens in life.

Life is a journey and in life, there will be challenges,there will be obstacles and you can never avoid them but that does not mean you cannot overcome them. (the threading issue the sewing machine had, was an obstacle that was meant to prevent me from keep going [sewing] but I chose another route,I decided to try another way [using a hand needle to sew] to ensure I overcame that obstacle,to ensure I reached that goal) .
The same applies to life,
If you try taking a route and it does not work,try another route.
They are several routes that can be taken.
Things might seem impossible, but you never know till you try it and if you serve my God,you will know that nothing is impossible with him.

I wasn’t taught using free hand to make a pocket ,I was taught with patterns and if I was to use that,it will waste my time plus the fact that I could not really remember how it was to be done and so,I had no glue how free hand was to be done but somehow my sister said just follow the line, and you will get it. It took me a while to get it and the end result  wasn’t the best but I am glad I was able to do it and no one will say I didn’t try because I know I tried and I am so happy I did it.
It was a challenge for me really but I overcame it.
I overcame laziness, giving up, lack of self confidence, frustration and yessss thank You Lord.

Soo, YES there will be challenges.
Challenges that seem like we cannot over come it but if we give up, we gain nothing it but if we don’t, we gain a lot of things.
It will make you feel better about yourself.
It will make you realize that if you overcame a challenge before, you can overcome another one.
We never know until we keep doing it.
We keep progressing.
It may not be the exact result we wanted but of course we will gain something.

A beautiful way to have ended 2018, I must say!
So, I am challenging you today to take that step that you keep avoiding.
That step that keeps making you get frustrated.
That step that you always give up on.
That step that you never believe you can climb.
Be bold, believe in yourself and take that step!
Stop giving excuses.
Too much excuses had been given in the past!
It is time to move ahead,

What is that challenge you are facing?
Or Do you want to share a story about how you faced  a challenge.
(Feel free to tell us by commenting below).

*Citation-Picture gotten from Geulgram App

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