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Questions about life by Mo_inspired
Questions About Life
December 10, 2018
December 25, 2018

Giving;A Heart Check

You may ask why do Christians give to God most times in form of money?  What does he need the money for?

     First things first, don’t ever think God needs your money to buy a house or car or anything for himself . He really doesn’t, in fact he is richer than you can ever think or imagine and I know people are thinking then what does he need our tithes and offering for?  I’m here to explain that to you and you really need to read this, I tell you!

       When we here”Giving “, the first thing that comes to our mind is “money”right?
 Let me answer it for you, YES!  Because I also think like that sometimes but thank God for making me listen to a sermon by my favorite American pastor (Michael Todd of Transformation church at Tulsa Oklahoma )which made me  realize it’s not just about money. The sermon I listened to made me realize giving is not just about money but most times, the devil makes us think is only about money and prevents us from giving. Giving to God is bigger than just giving finances, it also entails giving your time, talent and most importantly your “HEART “.
God really needs our heart because he knows if he has our heart, he can change our habits/behavior and once that is changed, automatically our life is transformed into a glorious and beautiful life.

 Now this is my main target, God knows very well that we humans love money and our heart is always where our money/treasure is. If you do not believe me , let your money get stolen or missing, you wouldn’t be yourself again ( same for me ), we are all like that and that’s because where our treasure is, there also is our heart. It’s even in the bible “Matthew6:21 (NKJV) “For where your treasure is, there also is your heart “. So,that is why most times giving is in form of money (offering, tithe, seed).

         When you’re asked to give, remember God is trying to check your heart. He also said in his word that give unto him and see if he wouldn’t pour upon you blessings where your room wouldn’t be enough to contain the blessing. (Woww, Have you ever imagined that kind of blessing that you will be too blessed that you will be glad to bless your enemy). Giving to God should be from the heart and you are to bring it to the storehouse (the church). There are different ways we give to God and I will like to explain 3 ways.

     Tithe is giving the “FIRST” 10% of your income to show that you’re grateful for what he has given you. I intentionally capitalized FIRST 10% because God wants the1st 10% of your income. Most times we give 10% of our income but Truth be told most of us will have set aside money for groceries, debts,  and so on before giving God 10% and that 10%might not be Accepted by God because it’s not the “FIRST 10%”. God wants you to put him first, so please let’s learn to give the “FIRST 10%”so that God will accept it.

       Offering is also part of giving and this entails giving any amount you desire to give God.Recently, I listened to a sermon by Mike Todd about giving and he said offering should be higher than your tithe because God is a multiplier. He multiples whatever you give him and offering comes from a grateful heart.

     I will say seeding means sowing a seed and waiting for the harvest. What I mean by that is sowing a sacrificial seed or offering to God, believing, trusting him and awaiting for your harvest.I tell you, your harvest will be bountiful! It takes someone with a lot of faith to do this because you are  yet to see the manifestation but you believe that something good will come out of it. Those who sow seeds never get disappointed.
P.S Your seed will surely speak for you!

Giving can also be to others who are in need of it, In form of money, clothes, gifts or any other thing.
From my experience, I know that God blesses those who give because how he provides for my family and even “I” personally cannot be explained. Sometimes, I just sit back and I am like “wow, how did money come, where did it even come from and I know that it can only be God; this God is too good”.
This is Christmas season, GIVE!

     It’s really sad that most Christians have failed this heart check but I hope I have been able to convince you all that you should start giving and just watch how he will pour blessings upon you,which might even be more than you have ever imagined. I will just put an end to this by saying “when you don’t give to God, you are robbing him but note this, you are not robbing him because he has more than enough; you are robbing him of the opportunity to bless you!

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