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June 9, 2018
Love as a sacrifice
June 13, 2018

No one owes you anything!


This post was meant to be posted yesterday but due to the fact that I needed to rest because I was too tired which made me lazy to type, so I couldn’t do so but here it is today.

Yesterday being a Sunday, I was kind of reluctant to go to church because I slept late the previous night and I was really tired which made me have a slight headache but I just struggled to get up and go to church. I got to church early and I noticed the teenagers class already had a drum, I was really happy because it will enhance my dancing skills.. *LOL*

So well, service started then it got to sermon time which I actually enjoy because I gain a lot from it. It was a sermon but it was an interactive one and really cool. The topic was How determined and consistent are you? (You should ask yourselves that question) .The story of Jephthah in the bible was used as an illustration. I will give a really brief summary of the story.

Jephthah was the son of a harlot and his mother was not his father’s wife so he was thrown out of his father’s house by his half siblings because he was an illegitimate son. People kept on calling him different bad names. He faced a lot of things as a child but that didn’t stop him from being determined and consistent and later on they came to met him and begged him to help them defeat the Ammonites because they knew he was a Mighty man of Valour. He agreed and they told him, he will be their king and so on.
A lot of lessons were learnt from the story and I will mention some.

  1. Don’t let your background define you. Don’t say because you came from a bad background you can’t be Successful.
  2. Always stay determined and be consistent. Determination means putting your mind fixed on achieving something and consistency means continually doing what will make you achieve what you are determined to do(your goal/dream).
  3. TIME. Time is what makes the difference between Here (where you are) and There(where you are going). If you notice, the difference between HERE and THERE is “T” which stands for TIME.So don’t worry about the troubles you are facing now, just keep being determined and consistent, in due time, you will get there.
  4. Have something that will distinguish you out! It was because they knew Jephthah as a mighty man of Valour that they came to meet him.

It could be a talent or skill, just find something that will distinguish you out and be consistent with it.

So after that, we continued interacting and my teacher said something which really struck me and I quote “NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING, NEVER EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM ANYONE “. I was like ok o, then she explained further and said people get frustrated because they expect too much from people, forgetting no one owes you anything and I was like” Wooow! Motun, this really is for you, you needed to here this! “. I said so because I could totally relate.It also struck my mind, because my dad said the exact thing the night before but it didn’t really hit me but when I heard it the second time, I said wow, this really is for you.
I have expected tooo much from a lot of people and they have failed me several times and when it happens I get frustrated and I start saying things like as a friend, isn’t she/he meant to do this for me and all sort and sometimes I get so frustrated that I cry. I never really knew no one owed/owes me anything and it has affected me a lot of times. I’m so excited that I was able to go to church yesterday if not I would have missed such great news and information.
My reason for sharing this is because I know a lot of times, people expect too much from people. They think someone owes them something and it has really affected people’s lives. If you don’t want to read everything know that


Don’t think your family members owe you anything even if they own SHELL(the company) . They did what they did to get to the position they are, so do what you have to do to get to where you want to be by being consistent and determined. People just do certain things for you because they feel like doing it, not that they OWE you. It’s until you understand that life will be much easier for you.

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