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The Journey of My 17th Year on Earth
November 27, 2018
Questions about life by Mo_inspired
Questions About Life
December 10, 2018


Passion…Passion… When I hear the word passion what just comes to my mind is something you always want to do. Having this willingness to do something. At a point in life up to part of my 17th year on Earth, I never really had passion for anything. Not like I was bad in everything but I just did certain things because I needed to do so, not that I really loved doing it but then along the line, I began to have passion for something and that was helping people. I have always loved helping people if I could but then this was more and aside that, I noticed I started enjoying writing which is something I never imagined I could do. Certain times, when I am bored or so, I just start to write on my notepad on my phone and save it and it continued that way. So, bringing this two things together with God helping me, I started my own blog.
Initially, when I started it, I blog most times. It was consistent even without getting profit from it. I just know I enjoyed doing it, then gradually the consistency began to reduce. When I noticed this, I was wondering what was happening.Due to the inconsistency, sometimes I get angry at myself and decide again to be consistent. It had happened  for just a week or less and I will go back to being inconsistent and this happened many times even till today. I kept giving excuses here and there saying it’s not really my fault but deep down I know although obstacles come, that doesn’t mean I should not overcome it.

Today, as I was going about my today’s activities, I remembered I had to listen to a sermon because when I listen to sermons, it helps me mentally and emotionally. It’s ever green and it adds a lot to my knowledge. There’s not one sermon I had listened to that I have regretted. So back to the sermon I listened today, it was about passion.
I know people have passion, I never knew there was something like misplaced passion that is, not putting your passion in the right place. The pastor which is popular known “Steven Furtick of Elevation church gave an illustration. He said if you light a fire and you don’t put it on a candle where it’s meant to be and you put it on someone’s hair, it is obviously not put in the right place. He made me understand a whole lot of things about passion which I will love to share some .
He said the proof of passion is perseverance and that is so true because when you have passion for something, no matter the obstruction, storms or obstacles, you just keep doing it. He defined passion as” how straight you walk when your feet hits the ground”. He said people have passion but sometimes passion may start to die down and it really hit me because this was happening to me (just before I listened to the sermon) and he also said you don’t have to worry if it’s happening to you. The Bible says exactly what you have to do to get it back and he said the first thing is repent and then keep doing the things you used to do.
He made a vital point which said “You don’t pray to get your passion back, you PRACTICE (I. E keep doing it, keep doing what you see to do at first)”. Because even the bible says DO what you loved doing at first not PRAY about it. When I heard this I was like wow, because I had spent a lot of time praying about it believing that maybe God will send a kind of spirit that will just make me start doing it. I didn’t realize that it was a self decision and that even the bible says it that I should do. I thought most things, if not everything was all about prayer but the sermon I listened to made me realize that prayer isn’t what we always have to do, certain times we have to take ACTION!! And action means “TO DO, TO ACT, TO KEEP PRACTICING! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say I don’t believe in prayer or you should not pray but this mentality of prayer every single time has made a lot of people think that because we are to pray, we forget that certain times Action is needed to be taken by us, we just tend to think that maybe because God is loving, he will come down and do it for us forgetting we have to make a decision. It also made me realize that we have to be carefully read the word and be obedient.

He also said When you have a passion, you practice. You don’t wait for a position. You might ask what does not waiting for a position means. It simply means you might not be where you want to be with the passion you have for a thing, you might not have been employed by a big company, you might not be a star now but your passion will lead to your position.
Passion will bring you from the pasture to the palace. It also will bring you from the lowest to the highest.
You lose your passion when you stop practicing. Even the best lose their passion without practice.
And lastly he said, telling someone to follow his/her passion is one of the worst advice you can give a person and I was confused but he explained further by saying If you follow your passion, you will get it confused with your feelings and the 1st time the wind blows really good, your flame will go out.
Passion is the flame.. The purpose is the lamp stand. Get your candle .
Put your passion on your purpose.
Put your candle with the flame on your lamp stand.
Don’t follow your passion because sometimes you can’t tell your passion apart from your preference.
“If you will find your purpose, you will recover your passion.”
He also gave an illustration of himself and a camera. He said following your passion is like him going after the camera while preaching (imagine it and see how bad it looks) but when you follow your purpose it is like the camera following him while preaching (which is good and how it is meant to be ).
Don’t follow your passion, follow your purpose .
Find your passion and teach your passion to follow your purpose.


It was a really wonderful sermon which made me gain a lot and I really enjoyed it.There are so many other wonderful sermons you can watch on YouTube by him and other amazing pastors. To do so,just type elevation church on YouTube and watch his sermons or you can also check Transformation church (by Mike Todd) which is also amazing.

Incase you want to listen to the sermon on “Put Your Passion in its place” by Steven Furtick of Elevation Church,this is the link below


Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird/ Unsplash from Geulgram App


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