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What I do when circumstances around me want to break me!
February 7, 2019
You want to be OUTSTANDING ? You really need to read this!
March 10, 2019

Something Awesome You Really Need to Know!

I know it’s been a while since you heard and I’m sorry for keeping you all waiting but good news! I am finally back!! And today I have a little story and a great news for you all which comes right after the story . So here it goes,

The devil thought he could steal from me because most times even when I knew Christ lived in me, I still had the issue of fear troubling me(I wasn’t conscious about it) and a lot of times I struggled so much with this. I used to pray about it, I get better and sometimes it creeps in and I kept wondering what was wrong. I didn’t like it at all but it wasn’t easy to overcome just like that and due to that fear, there are times the fear filled me and made me believe it was true and at the point. The fear was more than the word and so, the fear made it seem like the devil was stealing from me and sometimes I cried over it and I wondered if God forgotten me or what exactly happened?

I still kept believing in God though. So, I had the urge to grow more spiritually and I needed a mentor so I asked a good friend of mine and just on the first day of our meeting, not a long one but a very beneficial one. She reminded me of everything I am in Christ, she told me what Christ, I have. What he can do, I can do and so much more. It woke me up literally and I felt more bold at that moment and the next day was a Sunday which was an amazing one. All we were asked to do, was to dance and praise God from our heart believing him for a breakthrough. I really did hold unto this and believed that that day was the end of fear in my life. I danced like I have never danced before and I felt great. That same night, the devil came again and gave me a dream that he normally used to give me and normally, when he does that, I always wake up so frightened and scared and I pray about it but most times it was always praying with fear but this time was different, this time was amazing, when I woke up, I didn’t feel any bit of fear. All I kept doing was speaking with authority, speaking in tongues and praying. Telling the devil, it can’t happen to me at all. That does he think I am the one he used to know. I am a changed person now o, fear is no more in my life. It is gone and gone forever and today, he chose the wrong place to come to.

I could feel that boldness and authority. It was a great one and while speaking in tongues and praying, I got a revelation. It was about me being a house and God being the owner of the house because he lives in me and of course with that, can the devil still from a place like that?
No.. He can’t
So later that day, in the afternoon after lectures, I got back to pray and I searched for some Bible passages about having bad dreams on the internet and I read them with assurance and towards the end, I immediately saw a scripture very similar to the one God revealed to me earlier on and honestly, I couldn’t remember ever seeing that scripture before then and I was so happy and joyful that God truly is on the throne. The devil just wanted to use fear to make him dwell and do something but if I didn’t know the authority I had, I wouldn’t have made use of it and the dream might have come to pass but it didn’t and it never will!!
That I strongly believe.

The great news thus is:
The devil may try to steal from the house but he can’t steal when the owner (Jesus) is in house because he knows the great power the owner of the house has. So, he can’t and since he knows that, he will only try to make it seem like he can steal from that house by probably trying to destroy the house bit by bit maybe through trying to break the burglary proof or the door or something but the truth remains that he can’t still from the house.
So therefore, the devil will try harming you (the house ) by trying to put fear in you or making something seem bad to you but he knows he can’t steal from you because Jesus is the owner of your life(I.e you; the house). He resides in you and if you don’t know the authority or right that you have, if you don’t know the security you have due to the person who lives inside you, the devil will plant fear and make you think he can steal from you and fear automatically captures your flesh, it has a way of making one think he has no power of authority and deceives you into believing your owner has forgotten you or isn’t protecting you and so therefore through that fear, you start doubting, worrying and then it later actualizes.

So today, I just wanted to remind those who know but kind of forgot or needed a reminder and to tell those who do not know that no matter what the devil tries to do, he can’t steal from you!
So, don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.
If you aren’t saved, being saved is easy. Once you believe in the gospel(gospel is Christ died for you, he was buried and he rose again on the third day)

When you believe that, you are saved and when you are saved, holy spirit lives in you!!!!
So who wants to steal from you?
What power has the authority to steal from you??

Don’t let your situations determine who you are or what you have. Let the word determine that for you.
Your focus should be on the word.
I know yeah, most times it’s not easy but you can and when you do so, you feel so much better and by God’s grace you overcome that situation. So, when evil thoughts or fear or anything tries to come, do well to speak into that situation. Do well to speak with authority and he will flee.

Have a great weekend!❤

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