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January 12, 2019
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February 1, 2019

The Hidden Secret Mere Eyes Wouldn’t See #10YearChallenge

I’m sure Everyone is eager to know the Hidden Secret Behind the 10 Year Challenge that mere eyes wouldn’t see. Do not worry, I am here to share with you that hidden secret that make people glow up that when you see their current picture and the throwback, you are like wow. But before that, in case you do not know what the 10 year challenge is all about. I will briefly discuss it. So, sit back, get a drink with popcorn and get ready to dive it and Enjoy!

There’s a 10 year challenge going on now which involves a current picture of you and a picture of you, ten years ago. As I heard, it started from celebrities and then people started doing theirs. I have literally laughed hard at so many throwbacks including mine(I will have posted the picture but then I lost it). Some people’s glow up is really amazing. That’s just too show God is amazing.
I can remember going through people’s 10 year challenge picture on a friend’s phone and all we were saying was wow, see the way money changed people’s life. We must have money o. And I’m sure a lot of people will have said the same thing even if it was just a mere saying. Although, successful isn’t all about having money. It is more about the person you become (To know what I am talking about, You really should read my post on “vote yourself off the island” )but having money is  part of it and We all want money, we want to be rich, we want to make in life but the fact remains that are we Willing to be consistent?
Are we willing to sacrifice things?
Money is very sweet and easy to say but definitely, it is not easy to get.
The celebrities throwbacks You saw were probably when they really had nothing but then they kept being consistent in whatever they were doing, they kept pushing and pushing and finally, they got there.
If you say oh, what about normal people who still changed like teenagers or youths?.
Well, they were able to glow up because even if they really didn’t have money, their parents sacrificed things, they were consistent to make sure they provide for them and of course, in all of these things, God helping you is part of it.

So, this ten years challenge might not really mean anything to you know may be because you are young and you are not really exposed to life. But then, aside the fact of it being hilarious to us. It is also trying to point out the fact that where I was, is not where I am again (although, it might not be where I want to be but it definitely is not where I was and because of that, I am thankful to my creator.

Now, I challenge you,
10 years from now, where will you be?
What will you have accomplished?
What are the steps you are taking to accomplish those goals?
It is not just about saying but putting into practice what you say.
There’s this popular saying that ” you can force a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink the water”.
God of course will help you but you must he willing to make a move, you must discipline yourself.
Hard work and prayer go hand in hand.
In 10 years time, what do you want to accomplish?
Write your goals down, work towards it and pray about it. And although, In 10 years(2029), you might not have gotten to where you want to get to or you might not have accomplished all you want to But I want you to remember that, where you would be isn’t where you were, 10 years ago and be grateful for that.
Like I always say.
We all have different races in life, run your own race and not someone else’s own. (For more on this, read my post 
Don’t try comparing the duration you use to get to that place you want with another person’s own because you both have totally different lives even if you are identical twins
It is not a matter who gets there first.
What matters is that we all finish the race.
Keep running,
Keep pushing,
Finish that race,
Don’t give up!

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