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Something I struggle with
November 3, 2018
November 30, 2018

The Journey of My 17th Year on Earth


12 days ago, I became 18.
Looking at how small I am,it does not seem so but it is.
I am really glad of who I am becoming.
This year alone(my 17th year) a lot of things happened,
Some good,some bad.
At first it looked like nothing good was going to happen but looking back at everything,I am more than grateful.
It still amazes me that in just a year when I thought it was over,God made a way.
I want to share a little of how my 17th year went and this is because I know it will help someone out there.
I graduated from secondary school at the age of 17 and of course(by faith) I expected to get admitted to the university that year BUT I wasn’t given admission into University of Ibadan because I was two marks away from the cut-off mark to study Economics.
Surprisingly,that same year, UI did not make use of O’Level result in deriving the aggregate score(your total score which will show if you got up to your departmental cut-off mark),which was not a usual thing and so made my O’level result which is the main result meant for entrance into the university kind of useless.
I did not get up to the cut-off mark but then I kept believing in God ,praying and doing what I could but nothing still
Before I continue,note this quote by me
I’m a testimony of that!!!
When it happened, I expected it to really weigh me down but I was so surprised that it didn’t weigh me down.
It didn’t stop me from praying and praising God or going to church.
That year,I started attending a fashion school which I am glad I completed.
I was also able to get closer to God,help people with some problems they had by giving them some advice.
That same year,that was when I found out I started to love writing and through a friend which I believe God sent made me to start this wonderful blog,which I will never regret!
That year,I was also able to know who I want to be,what I want to do,the dreams I want to meet.
All these happening just made me understand that God was trying to mold me into a better person.
He was trying to prepare me for the journey ahead.
He wanted me to prevent certain things from happening to me but if I was naïve at the moment,I would not have understood.
It made me understand that he loves me and would not want to harm me but he needed to mold me and that will involve me going through different processes (to read more on what I mean by him molding me,read my article on “Beautiful Illustration of Life using a Potter and his Clay” by clicking on this link.
Looking back at everything ,I am more than grateful I didn’t get admission last year because honestly,I was not sure of what I wanted to do but now that I passed through the process,God opened my eyes to certain things and as I am writing this,I am writing from school because I got admitted this year.
Someone may say does it not seem somehow if your mates are ahead of you,well I do not agree with that because we all have different races to run at different paces and I do not want to use the pace of someone else to dictate my life.
They might have been ready for the journey but I was not.
It is also not about how far you have gone but how well.

I learnt a whole lot of things which cannot really be put into words but I am certain that I grew.
Many might have said,wasn’t that year wasted?…..well,it was not wasted for me ,it was a really productive year for me
Although there were some challenges,laziness,procrastination and so on but it was a great year!
In fact that is my best year so far and by God’s grace, my 18th will be far better!
Everyone says when you add another year,it is just like the continuation of your life,nothing changes which is kind of true because it has happened to me severally like all through my life but then As my 18th year begins,with God helping me,I hope to become a better person, cut if possible avoid procrastination and silly excuses, stop being lazy, have good friends,take life more seriously and of course a better and deliberate spiritual growth.

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