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January 5, 2019
An Incredible Truth You Should Know About “You”.
January 12, 2019


I am sure at the point of reading this,you are wondering what voting yourself off the island means…
Do not worry,I got you and as you continue reading this post,you will be able to understand what it means and doing so will change your life.

Sometime towards the end of last year,I decided to download some motivational/inspirational books from Google Play Store which I got for free and I started reading them.
Normally, I am not a fan of reading but I decided to challenge myself and learn to love the habit of reading because I really do want to keep learning. So,The first book I started reading is “No Excuses! The Power Of Self-Discipline” by BRIAN TRACY and from the very first page,I fell in love with the book .Although, I am not done reading it, I have learnt things from the first few chapters I have read and as I learn,I believe in sharing what you learn to others(You never know who will need it).
So,today I am here to share with you something I have learnt so far from that amazing book(I will advice you to download the book or buy it,if you can,it is a great book).

YESS,Back to voting yourself off the Island.
That is a phrase,I was able to learn from the book. I know you are eager at this point to read what this phrase means but before I go to the detailed meaning,let me ask 3 questions.
How many people want to succeed?…. Almost everyone if not everyone.
How many people want to earn billions?……Almost everyone if not everyone.
Before I ask the last question, note this “How you define success is what enables what you do to succeed”.
I will like to change the popular culture mindset we have of what success is(which most people think is only about getting money).
“Success in life depends more on the person you become than on the things you do or acquire”.
Change your mindset from the initial popular culture and begin to see success as becoming more of a better person in life than the things you do or acquire and life will be more meaningful to you.
NOTE that I did not say,it is only about the person you become.
I said it is MORE about the person you become than what you do or acquire and of course molding yourself into a great person will get you the money you need but focus more on becoming a better you in every aspect of your life.
Finally, the last question is How many people are ready to go through what it takes to succeed? The sleepless nights? The sacrifices? The dedication? The commitment? and everything else?
TO be sincere with you,that is where there is a very big pause!
You may ask why?
There is a very big pause there because to be sincere with you,not everyone is ready,not even half of the whole population is ready because it is not an easy thing to do and aside it not being easy,a lot of people always want to have fun at the present date forgetting the future ahead of them and that whatever you do now is you preparing for your future.They forget that it is better to secure your future and enjoy much later than to enjoy now and have your future at stake.
Another great problem is that a lot of people are on the “Someday Isle” and what does that involve?
That involves those who are in the category of “Someday I will become very rich and successful”
“Someday I will buy a car”
“Someday I will read that book”
“Someday I will start that online course” and so many other “SOMEDAY’s”
The really sad thing about it is that, most times, these people are also surrounded by other people on the same “someday isle” and that even makes it difficult for them to break through due to the fact that they have no one around them to help them break through.They keep saying someday and eventually they never do it or even if they do it,it will be at a much later time and by then, a lot of time has been wasted giving EXCUSES!
Excuses to why you are not successful,excuses to why you did not get that job. And they say things like “I didn’t have a good childhood”.
“I was not born rich”
“I did not have get a good education” and so many more excuses.

Can we actually say the truth here?
Many successful people out there never really had a good education,most were not born rich too but what did they do that made them successful today?
They VOTED THEMSELVES OFF THE ISLAND! and what does that mean?
That became a thing of the past,they decided to start doing and not just saying.
They made up their minds that their background must not put their backs on the ground.
They decided to rise up,sacrifice their time and the little resources they had.
They were keen on learning.

Now.,what exactly must be done to to vote yourself off the island?
What must be done to stop giving excuses?
SELF-DISCIPLINE is what enables you to vote yourself off the island.It is the ability to do what you should do,when you should do it,whether you feel like doing it or not”.
Among,the several success principle,if you have self-discipline,they will all work.It is the key to a great life and without it,no lasting success is possible.
Stop using your incredible brain to think up elaborate rationalizations and elaborations for not taking actions!
Do something.
Learn that course!
READ that book!

I like being real with people and to be sincere with you, I am someone who always gave excuses and sometimes I still do.
After reading that book,I made up my mind to change and stop giving excuses. I made up my mind to discipline myself. The book really did melt my heart because it was like it was meant for me and as sweet and as easy as it is to say stop giving excuses, discipline yourself and so on.
To be sincere,It is never that easy to do. It is something that is not easy at all because the body never really wants to get stressed,we have a culture that believes in enjoying yourself now,having fun here and there,carelessly forgetting you are approaching the future.
So,it has not been an easy task and it is not going to be an easy task for you but IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU!
Although,I have not stopped giving excuses totally but the rate at which I used to give excuses has really reduced and I can see improvement in myself already and I am happy about that.I know that if I continue,it will become a habit and then it will be much easier for me to do so.Like they say,an habit once formed is difficult to let go.
It’s a gradual process.You cannot just change and NEVER give excuses in one day or one week but as time goes on,you will see,it will keep reducing until the habit is formed.

So,today I urge you to vote yourself off the island,
Stop giving excuses!
DO something!
Discipline yourself.
Start Today!

Citation-Picture gotten from Geulgram AP
BOOK READ- No Excuses! The Power Of Self-Discipline” by BRIAN TRACY

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