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February 1, 2019
Something Awesome You Really Need to Know!
March 1, 2019

What I do when circumstances around me want to break me!

Behind smiles, there are sometimes cries,
Cries about life,
Cries about situations,
Cries being held back from the world,
Being held back due to the fact that no one might care,
No one might understand,
Might not want to be a burden to others,
A lot of times, people hold this all in and yeah
It’s okay to cry sometimes,
It’s okay to get relieved through crying but does that stop that pain, that hurt from being there?
Nah, at a point it will still come back.
Some people have told me me Are you ever sad?
Do you ever have problems?
Like you are always smiling most times and I laugh?
Why do I?
I do that because I know deep down there are times, I cried
There are times, I feel broken.
There are times, I felt torn
But I did keep it to myself,

Most times not telling anyone but few times telling people because I needed to let it out but Most times,
Not wanting to tell anyone, don’t really know why but sometimes I ask if I do, is there really anything humanly possible they can do?

So, I lay on my bed and what did I do?
I cried, I cried to let go of the pain,
I cried to relieve myself from the pressure,
I cried because I knew it will help
And who did I cry to?
I cried to God,
I cried to him to help me,
I cried to him to take away this grieve,
I cried to him to take control of my situation,
And what happened after that?
I did feel better,
I did feel that internal peace, I didn’t feel for sometime,
I did feel relieved,
Yes I did.

Although, sometimes I did still get moody and all but then I had to consciously remind myself that, I asked myself why are you doing this to yourself? The devil is only trying to make you sad but
You have Joy, yes you do!
Joy unspeakable!
The joy that only comes from the Lord.

And so, oh Motun, what then makes you smile or jovial almost every time like there’s nothing wrong ?
Ohh, I say, if I could really put it in words,
I will But it’s really unexplainable,
What is really unexplainable?
What Joy?
The Joy that comes only from God,
That everlasting joy,
That joy that supersedes your situation,
That joy that doesn’t come based on the what’s happening around you?
That joy is a fruit of the spirit,
Ohh, what wonderful Joy it is.

NOTE: A lot people mistake Joy and happiness but I want you to know that Joy and Happiness ARE NOT the same at all! Happiness is based on things around you. If you are very money, you will be happy and if you are not you will be sad but JOY IS NEVER based on things or circumstances around you. It comes from God and not from anything on anywhere else. If you are very rich and you are not very rich now, you are still JOYFUL.. Why? because you know your God is the creator of the universe, silver and gold are his, the plans he has for you are for good and not for evil to give you an expected end and so no matter what the things around you are saying, you are Full of Joy!

And how did you I get it? When I became saved, the holy spirit gave me.
How come certain times people who do people claim to “know” God and yet still feel down certain times?
Sometimes what makes people who are Christians still feel sad is because they are not aware of the “right” they have in Christ.
They do not know or understand what they “carry”, they do not know their “inheritance” as God’s children.
For instance, If my dad gives me #1,000, 000 and he does not tell me, how will I know? I can’t know but that doesn’t change the fact that the money is mine. The money is still mine, I am not just aware.
And that is why God has already told us who we are and what we have in the “word” but as a believer, if we don’t constantly search for it, if we don’t read and “understand” it. How will we know?
So what happens a lot of times, is ignorance,
it is not like our father(God) hasn’t told us. He has

Yes I know, life is full of ups and downs and sometimes the downs are way more than the ups and it looks like can life ever be good?
And yes, although situations are saying No,
You have to believe on the “word”. The word that is EVER true!
The word that is forever alive!
That word, yes that word.
The word that causes light to shine where there is darkness.
It is the “word of God”.
And although, situations might seem terrible,
Circumstances around you might make you feel hopeless but you have to constantly remind yourself of this word!
The word that is a way of God speaking to us. The word that says the plans God has for us are of good and not of evil to give you an expected future (Jeremiah 29:11)
The word that says the Joy of the Lord is my strength.
The word that says Joy comes EVERY morning!
The word that says that at the time I(God) has decided, my words will come true. You can trust what I say about the future. It may take a long time but keep on waiting, it will happen.
And of cause that involves patience right?
Yes, it does and guess what?? Another fruit of the spirit is PATIENCE!
So, when you receive christ, the holy spirit dwells in you and you have all these fruit of the spirits,
It makes life much easier than you,
You look at life in a different perspective,
You know that you will be fine because you have a God who created this universe and owns everything!
So, lack is not your problem?
He has it all.
And the reason why a lot of people read this word and find it boring is because the devil knows that this word gives you a direction of how your life should be as a believer and if you read it, he will be in trouble because his(the Devil) aim is to steal from you, kill and destroy you. And he knows that when you read the word and you “understand” it, it disrupts him(the devil) from carrying out his(the devil) aims in your life and so he tries as much as possible to keep a lot of people from reading this word,
this source of light,
That shines so bright.
He makes it seem so hard to actually read and “understand” it but with God’s help, you can do it, we can do it.
Now, with this understanding of “Joy”which dwells in me and joy that is my strength , I can’t look at situations around me and then look at the word at the same time.
It’s just like trying to look at your phone on your hand and your friend’s face at the same time, it is not possible.
And right now, I’m in the process of learning this because to be sincere a whole lot of times, I want to read the word but then one mind says don’t read and then I give excuses and end up not reading it.
I know that really has to stop and so, It’s a deliberate and conscious effort.
Yes, God said he will help you which he already has but you have to discipline yourself!

So when I am down, I cry to God first and then sometimes I tell people but I am always careful of the people I tell, so also be very careful and I constantly remind myself that I have Joy so why am I bothered.
As much as I am writing this for people to read and get blessed, it is also a remainder for me!

Say this to yourself as a reminder and LIVE by it.
“No matter the situation and circumstances that may come in life, I am JOYOUS!
I carry this joy in my heart, it is within me.
This joy is not based on things around me.
It comes from the Lord,
And so in the good and bad times, I will reJOIce!”

Have a blessed weekend!

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