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Welcome To The Month Of August!
August 1, 2018
Do you want that “wound” to heal?
August 3, 2018

Your Current Situation Is Not Your Final Destination

Life will always be life, it is never a bed of roses.
We all go through different phases in life, some good and some bad.
I have never heard of anyone who lived a smooth life all through (when I say smooth, I mean no challenge at all at one point or the other).
The successful people of today, didn’t start successful, if they are to be honest with you and tell you their story, what they went through, You will be amazed.

Good Success which will last(I said good success because there’s bad success), it does not come at once, it does not come with ease, it takes God , a lot of hard work , determination and consistency.

Many people don’t understand that this life we live in is a serious battle.
A lot of people might not understand why you need God to succeed, but I will briefly explain with this illustration.(I’m just want to make you actually think about it and reason with me).
If there is no manufacturer to manufacture a product, how does the product come into existence?
A manufacturer’s aim is to make the market demand for his product rise more and more. He knows why he created that product, the use of the product and how the product will meet the needs of the people. He would never create a product if there’s no use. He is very concerned about the success of that product he created.
Therefore, God being the manufacturer created you and he is very much interested in your SUCCESS than you think!, His plan for you is NEVER to fail. He created you for a purpose, he knows why you are created. If anyone even your parents think you are a mistake, YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE (Read my article on that by clicking on the link below).

Imagine if a product is created and the product isn’t advertised or no marketing is done…. No one will ever know it’s exists. Therefore, the product needs the manufacturer to be able to do certain things that will lead to its advancement. That all sums up to you needing God for you to be successful. You possibly can’t do it without him. He knows everything about you, he knows your end from the beginning, he knows what you need to be successful, he knows how you will be successful, he knows the people to put in your life that will take you to where he wants you to be. So you need him and honestly with him in your life, life will be much easier. He will strengthen You to pass through the difficult times. He created this world and therefore has the greatest power and he is the only one that will help you win the battle of this life.
Another thing to take note of, SOMETIMES, some things we go through is to help mold us into a better person and build our faith .

It doesn’t matter where you are now, what matters is where you are going , your current situation is not your last bus-stop. God hasn’t forgotten you, you are always on his mind. He knows what you are going through and he’s saying “Don’t worry, it is well, I will help you”.
It might not happen as fast as you expect but trust me if you serve the God I serve, the one who is God all by himself, I’m so certain that it will happen!
People might be mocking  you now, just leave them for God. When God is done with you, they will be amazed.
What is happening to you would not last forever, it’s only for a while. You don’t have to worry, you will laugh soon , just keep believing in God and WORK HARD! God will help those who help themselves. You don’t expect God to help you read for your exams, you have to read and he will crown your efforts.


( Tell yourself till you believe it! )

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